It was not easy for Juno to make friends. The three-year-old Pit Bull needs a very long time to trust in someone. So, each bond she makes is unique.

However, Kelly Tedford did not know about this dog’s behavior when she traveled from Vancouver to Seattle to meet Juno in 2017.

Tedford said that she adopted Juno without any idea about her complete history. By the moment she had responded to her online advertisement on Petfinder, Juno was a senior doggy who had dropped out of two foster homes.

Being a freelance trainer and a dog walker, Tedford is better equipped with experience in dealing with difficult-to-handle dogs. But, as Tedford introduced Juno to her customers, she would turn out to be violent out of anxiety.

It would take time and effort to keep Juno at ease; eventually, Juno started to calm down and enjoy the walk with other people.

Tedford shared that, however, if they went for a stroll without seeing their usual friends for a week, it seemed that Juno did not recognize them anymore.

Tedford tried to help lessen Juno’s suffering: Thundershirts, training, and natural sedative aids. Eventually, a veterinarian prescribed Prozac for Juno.

When Juno was on medication, she transformed. Her aggressive behavior was lessened; she began to recognize and recall her walking pals each time she sees them.

Juno became so connected with the two Labradors, Collie and Blondie. Tedford shared that as she drove going to their residence to walk the dogs, Juno would go crazy as soon as they drove to their place. It was a little bit cool.

However, six months back, Tedford moved and had new work. She observed that Juno was and having difficulty making friends with other canines. So, Tedford gave Juno a surprise: a date with her former friends.

Tedford also added that it is tough for her dog to make new friends now since she no longer walks dogs. So, she takes Juno to her old neighbors to play with the dogs who their previous clients. Tedford noticed that Juno improved her mood.

Then, Tedford takes the dogs for a swim adventure in a secluded place. She could observe that Juno felt relieved and enjoyed the company.

Indeed, playing with her buddies helps Juno mentally. Therefore, Tedford always makes a trip on weekends for Juno and her pals for a tour.

Photo credit notdrowningbutwagging via Instagram




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