Ike, a rescued dog, is often described by his relatives as a bit different and weird. Thus, it is not surprising that he is good at making new friends and fun mates. Just yesterday, when Ethan Cole, Ike’s owner, tried to look into his yard in Florida, he was quite baffled on what he saw outside.

His fantastic pup was having fun with a new friend. His new playmate was a deer, of his size, who was on the opposite side of the fence. The two were playing and enjoying a kind of game.

At first look, it seemed that Ike was simply running after the deer like he was hunting a squirrel. However, something happened that was indeed interesting.

After Ike tried to do the chase in one direction, he seemed to turn around first in the other direction. So, the deer tends to follow his lead, as if taking the chance to run after him.

Cole shared that it was the first that time he saw Ike and the deer playing together. Cole even described the play as a game of tag. After a few moments of playing, finally, the deer headed to the forest. However, it does not imply the ending of the day’s play and fun.

Another cute puppy, named Hobbes, was also around at that moment (Cole’s mom’s pug pup). Ike still has a friend (of course, like his kind, but not his size) who can play and have fun with.

Cole said that puppies are extraordinarily vital to him and his family. Ike, for example, is named after his mom’s previous dog when she was a kid. Cole also claimed that Ike is indeed very special to his loved ones.

Here is an excellent video below showing a very inspiring story.

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Posted by Ethan Cole on Monday, May 13, 2019

Video credit Ethan Cole via Facebook


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