Safety comes first. But what if your protection was already totally secured and you still insist on protecting yourself by hurting something or someone. Is it still right? This story that I will share to you is an inspiration from a true story. So, are you ready? Let’s begin.

Saturday morning, a mail-woman reached her destination to deliver a message. While she was about to put the message on the mailbox, a dog suddenly interrupts her causing for her to panic.

She immediately seeks tools that can protect her from the dog, and she found a mace which she sprayed to the dog. After that, the dog ran away. But the dog is already in pain.

On the next day, a dog owner named Michael Rhoades got out of his home surprised while seeing his dog on the ground in pain. The poor dog’s name is Barney, and he is a 6-year old Malinois.

Rhoades immediately reported the incident to the police station. He said that his dog was in the yard when a mail-woman came, and she sprayed the poor dog with a mace on its face. They investigated the incident and the mail-woman confirmed it.

So, whose fault is this? Was it the aggressive behavior of the dog? The defensive action of the mail-woman? Or the dog-owner for letting his dog out in the open?

She told the police staff that she did it to protect herself from a potential dog bite. After a long discussion between the two sides, Rhoades filed a complaint with the postal service. He told the police that he doesn’t want the mail-woman to get fired or disciplined. He only wants her to take a different course of action next time.

Now, Barney is already fine, and he is on the process of moving forward from this horrible and unforgettable experience.

Special thanks to Urdogs for sharing the story.


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