It is not peculiar to see dogs roaming around in your neighborhood. Some are your neighbors’ while some are just visitors. However, finding a dog that you never saw before asleep in your home is unusual.

Some people would probably freak out when this happens to them, but one woman kept her calm and found a way actually to figure out why this situation is happening.

One day, the woman found a retriever in front of her house. The dog looks old and tired, but she knew that it is not a stray because it has a collar and is in good shape. The dog approached her calmly, and she gave it some pats on the head. The dog followed her inside her house, and it went ahead and slept in a corner.

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After about an hour, the dog got up and went out the backdoor. She assumed that the dog went back to its home. The next day, she found the dog again in front of her house. Just like the day before, the dog followed her inside and slept in the same corner.

This continued happening on and off for a couple of weeks. After sleeping for an hour, the dog will get up and go home only to be back again to the same spot the following days.

The woman got really curious as to why this dog is seeking some quiet time in her home. In the hopes of finding the answer, she wrote a note and pinned it to the dog’s collar.

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In her note, she stated that she would like to find out who the owner of the wonderful and sweet dog is and if they are aware that he comes to her house every afternoon to take a nap.

The next day, the dog came back bearing a reply to her note. Apparently, the dog is living in a home with six children, and the two of them are below the age of three. He is trying to catch up on his sleep. It was also asked in writing if the owner can come with the dog the next day.

Apparently, dogs need to catch some break from being our children’s guardian angel too.

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Thanks to Pawpolous for sharing this story.


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