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One of the life-changing moments in your life is dog adoption. From the moment you bring him into your home, you will have a companion — a very loyal one. He gets sad when you leave and wait eagerly all day to greet you when you come back home. When you are down, you have a companion that will sit quietly seemingly understanding your feelings and offering you comfort the way he knows how.

Dogs can get active too. Yes, there will be times you can play with him. But sometimes you also need a break from all the hustle of everyday living. There are times you want to be alone with your friends and get a break from your dog buddy.

Just like in this video, a dog owner places her dog in its x-pen to have some ‘friend time’ with her friends. But instead of sitting still and allowing his owner some rest and recreation, the pooch decided that he should be out where the action is. He begins to tumble the x-Pen towards his owner. Good thing the owner just giggles on the sight seemingly amused by her dog’s naughty tricks. She recorded the moment her dog tried to get rid of the pen trying to outsmart his owner which he never did.

Dogs have a funny way of getting things their way. Some well-behaved dogs follow what their owners tell them to, but there are just some dogs who want the freedom to roam around and avoid quiet pens. Most dogs just want to have fun. That’s why they chase whatever catches their eyes. When you put them in a limited space, it surely isn’t fun in an enclosed space when all you wanted to do was jump happily around the yard.

Source: Tentroll


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