Dogs are the happiest during playtime. Though our beloved pooches like it when their humans play with them, they manage to interact with other animals easily.

As such, it’s not unusual for a particular pair of dogs to frantically bark at their canine friends the moment they see them. Even if the pooches only appear on the television screen, the two dogs can’t help but feel excited to play with them.

Hey! It’s our friends.

In this hilarious video, two adorable pooches stand on their hind legs in front of the TV. Out of the blue, the two pooches then start growling and jumping at something interesting they saw on the screen.

It turns out; the doggy pair saw some of their canine friends playing with toys and balls on the screen. Seeing the fun their friends experience, the two dogs can’t help but feel a bit envious of them.

Seeing this, the two dogs try their best to catch their canine friends’ attention. But, no matter how loud they bark or energetic they jump, the dogs on-screen continue with their merry way.

Play with us!

As the two pooches strive to convince their canine friends to play with them, Mom can’t help but laugh at the sight. While the brown-furred pooch busily yaps at the pooches on-screen, the white-furred one starts pushing on its pal’s back.

This scenario continued for a while with the white dog, occasionally pushing on the brown dog’s back. The brown dog doesn’t seem to mind its sib’s actions until the white dog starts getting carried away with its act.

What do you think the white-furred pooch did to the brown one? Did they eventually manage to convince their on-screen canine friends to play a game with them? Feel free to watch the video below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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