Dogs are some of the liveliest animals that any fur parent can have. Though they can only communicate through barks, whines, and facial expressions, they still manage to get their message across.

With their unique conversational abilities, they can hold a lively discussion with anyone they encounter. As such, it’s not a surprise to see a Labrador and a Boxer holding a mini-talk show session of their own.

Can you please move?

In this video, two adorable pooches take their afternoon break on a couch. The Labrador’s named Daxi while the Boxer’s named Sigi. It looks like there’s nothing unusual from the scene until Sigi decides to break the silence first.

As Daxi silently lounges on their sofa, Sigi suddenly starts barking loudly. The Boxer continued with his noisy racket that Daxi can’t tolerate it any longer. The irritated Lab then answers Sigi’s yelps with loud barks of his own.

The pair of pooches eventually hold a lively discussion until their fur parent decides to come closer. As soon as they notice this, Sigi and Daxi stop their conversation midway.

Please continue with your chat.

After the short intermission, Sigi picks off from where they ended with their discussion. He resumes barking loudly at Daxi as he tries to engage the latter in another heated conversation.

But, it looks like Sigi’s the only one interested in continuing as Daxi ignores him. This scenario continued until Daxi could no longer endure the racket Sigi’s producing.

Daxi then starts responding to Sigi with some loud barks of his own. However, it seems Daxi finds no point in continuing their senseless discussion as he resumes ignoring Sigi.

How do you think the video ended? If you wish to unfold the next scene, click on the video link below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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