Thousands of dogs are being raised in laboratories for a cruel purpose. They are test subjects for various products. This is such a prevalent and cruel practice. The Beagle Freedom Project is an organization dedicated to rescuing laboratory dogs.

Echo was a recent rescue. She came from a Chinese laboratory and was very fearful at first. She was a dog who has never even stepped on grass nor felt the kind touch of a person. The rescuers are determined to rehabilitate Echo and find her a home.

Sharon and Hannah were the first people to let Echo experience the life of a normal dog. They acted as foster parents and let Echo stay in their apartment. There Echo met Gigi, a feisty chihuahua. Gigi noticed that Echo wasn’t a normal dog, so Gigi acted more like a guardian dog to Echo.

Two days after being in a home, Echo’s tail started to wag. Also, every time she hears her foster parent’s voice, she wags her tail too. Echo was on the right track to recovery.

The vet had to remove Echo’s other eye because it was causing her too much pain. This surgery actually improved Echo’s wellbeing. Soon, the transformed beagle found her way into a forever home.

Jay and Jenna, a couple, officially adopted Echo. The beagle experienced living with other pets, as well. Mia and Mango are other dogs that the couple owns. There is also crystal, the cat who they consider the queen of the house. Echo is enjoying herself because of her other pet friends in the household.

Echo has transformed into a very goofy personality after spending a lot of time in her new life. There’s a lot of music to go around in the house and Echo loves hearing it. The couple is musicians, and they often sing songs for their pets too. If you want to take a look at Echo’s journey, watch the video below.

Video courtesy of The Dodo via YouTube.


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