Maddison, a tiny lamb, was just adopted by a huge loving family. However, it was not very long ago that this little lamb was not wanted.

Maddison, Maddie for short, was born earlier this year in a farm animal in Canada. Her birth coincided with the approaching Easter market. This lamb was expected to be slaughtered since she is big enough to be sold.

But, luckily, things did not happen as expected.

For one reason, Maddison’s mother died one day after she delivered her due to complication. Also, the farmer was disappointed with Maddie.

According to the farmer, Maddison does not deserve to be kept for because she was tiny and would surely give birth to babies of her size too. Her weight would not hit trading in the market. Also, Maddie’s wool was not ideal.

Megan Mostacci, a founder of the Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary, said that her body was spray-painted with blue, which means she was for sale. However, Mostacci was able to make a negotiation about Maddie’s rescue.

Maddie came at the shelter, and something fascinating occurred between her and Lincoln, an Australian shepherd, at her new safe home.

The moment Maddie entered the house, Lincoln licked her face and stayed beside her; therefore, the other animals would not go close to her. At that time, Maddie was frail the first several days. So Maddie would just lay beside Lincoln.

Lincoln was known to be the elder brother to several rescued animals in the animal shelter. In the little lamb’s case, his company appeared to help Maddie recover from her painful experience.

On the other hand, Mostacci bought a Maddie a stuffed lamb to make her feel comfortable. However, Lincoln thought of another plan for the stuffed lamb. Lincoln would steal Maddie’s toy that results in a fight between them.

Maybe, Lincoln’s trick of keeping this stuff away would be the best way to help Maddie to become stronger. Eventually, Maddie and Lincoln began a routine to play and run around the farmyard.

The two has gained a bit following because of their lovely roughhousing both on the social media and in person.

Not everybody was enamored with Maddison as Lincoln is. That made her realized when she attempted to join a group of ducks on the farm. Probably, this helps her enjoys the attachment with the dog even more.

However, Maddie and Lincoln are not always playing and chasing outside. They also spend time for napping and sometimes doing it together. Also, Mostacci shared that when they are not playing, they clean each other’s ears.

Here is a video below that shows the inspiring story.

Feel Good Friday ❤️These two playing now happens multiple times a day. Not only do they play , they cuddle and hang out. Maddison clearly is suffering from an identity crisis.I wonder what people driving by must think if they see this 😂 Lamb chasing sheep dog.

Posted by Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary on Friday, April 5, 2019

Video credit Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary via Facebook


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