Some studies suggest that dogs do understand human language, depending on the tone, emotion, and pitch of the words we deliver. Our pets react based on these things, and the clip below is proof of this.

Artie, a beautiful Belgian Malinois isn’t prepared with what she’s about to hear. She’s about to become a big sister after her parents decided to get a new puppy. They are seen in the car, on the way to get her new baby brother when her mother revealed the big news.

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Good thing mommy caught everything on cam because Artie’s reaction is priceless. Her mom proceeds on saying, “Artie, I’ve got some good news, you’re gonna be a big sister.”

The lovely dog seemed to be confused, trying to understand what’s going on. “We’re getting a new puppy,” mommy continues. “You’re gonna have a little brother!”

Artie’s mood went from confused to flabbergasted. Her expression says it all — she’s not prepared for the new addition, but she has no choice. It is still an adorable sight regardless.

We can see the pup’s ears turn sideways, then backward, indicating that she is indeed surprised, but pleased anyway. She even moved her head back and stared at her mother intently.

Her mom responds to the stunned dog by saying, “Yeah, a little brother. A puppy.” Artie seemed to start a staring competition, trying to distract her mom with what appears to be a huge deal for the dog.

“What do you think about that?” her mom asks. Artie smiles, then looks away, maybe thinking to herself that it’s not too bad to have a new baby brother. We’re sure she’s going to be a good sister!

Check out this hilarious clip by clicking the link below!

Video credit: Youtube RM Videos

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