Amanda Davis adopted a black dog sometime last year and named him Edisto. Amanda slowly learned that the pup she brought home with her was, in fact, a funny little pooch.

Amanda described Edisto as an energetic dog with a funny personality. Amanda shared that her black furry best friend always likes to make her laugh every chance he gets.

Amanda recalled that Edisto suddenly developed a funny habit last October. She often finds Edisto pressing his adorable little face against their glass door, which shows his front teeth.

Amanda said that Edisto looks somewhat scary, especially when it is nighttime. Amanda shared with The Dodo that some of her friends told her that Edisto looks like The Shining’s famous character, Jack Nicholson.

Amanda shared that her goofy pup’s newest antic was perfect just in time for Halloween. Edisto did not even know that his latest shenanigan made him a famous internet sensation.

The black dog’s owners welcomed the trick-or-treaters right outside their front entrance during this spookiest time of the year. Edisto must have realized that he was not included in the festivities because he was stuck at home, so he tried asking his family to let him out of their house with his trademark move.

Most of the trick-or-treater kids were surprised at the odd dog’s face, but all their parents found Edisto’s look amazing. The kids’ parents could not help but gush over the dog’s silly act of seeking attention.

Amanda happily recalled that some of the kids even wondered whether the black dog baring its teeth through the glass door was a real pup or just a decoration. When the kids finally realized that Edisto was a real dog who just wanted to join in on the fun, they realized he was not that scary-looking dog after all.

Source: Amanda Davis via Facebook


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