Lance Corporal Sean Laidlaw is a British army veteran who worked as a bomb disposal expert. Sean’s job is to locate and disarm IEDs in Syria in February 2018. He worked as a private contractor for the US State Department, and his job was to remove unexploded ordnance as well as to detect and disarm booby traps that enemies left.

During one of Sean’s routine patrol in Raqqa, he came across a stray dog cowering under the rubble of a destroyed building. The dog was an Asian Shepherd cross puppy, and he and his fellow soldiers decided to name it Barrie.

Sean stated that it took him four days to keep coming back to where the puppy was to give her food and water. This is also the time it took for the puppy to trust Sean enough to let him touch her.

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Eventually, Sean was able to catch Barrie and take her back to base where she’s a lot safer. It didn’t take long for Barrie to start warming up to the soldiers in the base, especially towards her rescuer, Sean.

Barrie would always accompany Sean while he went out on patrols. Also, she became a huge morale booster for the soldiers in the base. Soldiers and private contractors like Sean would come and see her, to play with her, and they always have something for Barrie, such as food or a toy.

Sean eventually had to leave Syria at the end of his contract and flew back home. He realized that he missed the dog he rescued so much and asked for help to bring her to the UK. A charity organization called War Paws helped Sean and Barrie get reunited. War Paws flew Barrie from Syria to Iraq. From there, Barrie had to stay for three months on quarantine to make sure that she didn’t have any diseases.

After three months, Barrie was flown into Paris, France, where an excited Sean drove all the way to Paris airport to greet Barrie and take her home with him.

Sean was a little nervous that Barrie might not recognize him after a few months apart. Barrie was understandably reluctant during the reunion, but as soon as she sniffed Sean, she immediately lay flat on the floor asking for belly rubs. It’s truly an emotional reunion.

Here’s a video of Sean telling a story of how he found Barrie and what he had to do to get reunited with the dog he rescued. It’s one of the most amazing reunion stories between unlikely best friends who met in an unlikely place.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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