Some dogs get famous for their heroic acts and others for their silly antics. But Harlso is another story. This sausage dog who lives with his parents in Ireland took the internet by storm after showing his impressive talent in balancing things on his head. And he does it so effortlessly!

Discovering Harlso’s talent

Harlso lives with his dad, Paul Lavery, and his partner, Jen. The couple tried to teach Harlso the usual tricks, such as “sit” and “rollover,” but the dog wasn’t keen on learning them. When the dog was two years old, Paul put a chicken toy on his head just for fun and was astounded to see that Harlso can balance it easily.

The bewildered parents then tried to put a lot of other things and saw how easy it is for their dog just to sit still and balance any object on his head. That’s when they decided to create social media accounts for Harlso, so they can share their dog’s incredible talent to their family and friends.

Going viral

Paul and Jen had no idea that Harlso’s Instagram would take off and amass over 100,000 followers. Apparently, a lot of people are finding Harlso’s balancing act adorable. They’ve seen the dachshund balance a lot of strange things, including a cactus, a slice of watermelon, a roll of tissue paper, and a glass full of water.

Harlso’s parents also dress him up in cute adorable bow ties to match whatever it is that he’s balancing on his head, with over 300 ties to choose from! They also try to gear the dog up in costumes for special occasions, such as Easter, Christmas, and Halloween.

Harlso has become famous for his unique talent and won the title Social Media Personality of the Year in Ireland, beating several human contenders. He’s also listed as one of the “Amazing Animals” in Guinness Book of World Records.

Harlso’s parents say that their dog has always been quite a diva even before he got famous, so they don’t think fame even gets to him. Watch Harlso’s adorable talent in the video below.

Thanks to Harlso The Balancing Hound and Insider.


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