If there’s one word to describe dogs, it’s going to be “loyal.” They are also very protective, and will never leave your side. These canine characteristics have been proven by studies time and time again, so it’s safe to say that dogs are one of the best pets out there.

Their loyalty is unwavering, even if they face tough times. Sometimes all they do is to wait for you to come home and are the happiest creatures when they finally see you.

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Noelle is a deaf terrier mix who was temporarily fostered by her daddy’s friend, Laurie. The dog’s owner is out of town to serve the army. Laurie, who is a volunteer at a pet adoption center, took the dog with her where Noelle’s dad could pick her up later that day.

The dog was kept in a crate while they wait for her daddy’s arrival. Laurie made sure to take a video of their mini-reunion, featured below.

Noelle’s mood instantly changed from a little bored to extremely excited, as soon as she sensed her daddy coming in. She wagged her tail non-stop and softly howled at her dad out of happiness.

“Go get her!” Laurie tells her army friend. Noelle’s dad opens up the crate, and it is evident that the pup can’t wait to be with his daddy again. She jumped up and down and licked the soldier non-stop as soon as she was released from her kennel.

In return, daddy pets Noelle and scratches her back to calm the dog down. It seems like their cuddles aren’t enough, as the dog continues to lick her daddy and wag her tail to express her joy!

It is apparent that no disability can break the loyalty of this adorable pup. Check out the video below and be touched by this mini-reunion!

Video credit: Youtube lauriemetzger

Special thanks to our friends for sharing this awesome video.


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