Dogs are loyal animals, especially to those who bring kindness to them. They will follow you everywhere, to any road you take and trust you for anything you do. But it’s not the same with this dog named Kanye.

He always cries every time he is touched because of someone that gave him a rough punishment. He was traumatized and that caused him to build barriers and isolate himself. Dogs aren’t meant to be punished. They are meant to be loved and cared for. Dogs are precious to us, always know that! They look up to us as precious creatures. Isn’t it heartbreaking to know someone’s able to hurt these lovely animals?

Kanye continues to cry and fear human until he meets his personal savior.

It was a while that he felt a gentle touch from someone but this kind woman offered to help and transform this poor puppy. She knew exactly how to calm him down, and let him feel loved and renewed.

“It’s okay, my poor baby” the caretaker reassured

But that doesn’t stop this pup from trying and trying until he is happy again and enjoys life with his family!

Kanye is safe and sound – living the life he deserved because of one woman who worked her magic to calm and reassure the crying pup. He was given hope to continue with life and forget his dark past.

Now, here he is playing around with others, doing some of the hilarious antics he does, and socializing with his other furry friends.

Kanye is never alone with problems he can’t solve himself. As his new-found family may help him or support him and will do anything for him. Now that’s what you call L-O-V-E!

Watch this inspiring video about transforming pained pups into happy ones!

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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