Every dog parent in the world knows that dogs dislike going to the vet’s clinic. Our pups do not enjoy being hurt by needles and being touched by strangers. Because of this fact, dog parents sometimes have to create a false story to get their dogs to ride in the car, like going to the beach or to the park to have some fun.

When they find out where they really are, their reactions can be priceless. They really are just like human children, the only difference is that there is no way for you to explain to your dogs that going to the vet is good for them. If you have figured out a way to do that, please share your wisdom with us.

If you haven’t, just like the rest of us, then your pooch probably does something like what Enzo did in this viral video. Enzo is a big German shepherd with the heart of a child, and just like all of the dogs that belong to his breed, he looks as fearless and as tough as the rest of them.

Unfortunately, no matter how brave your dog is, they will certainly cower upon the sight of the vet’s clinic. Some dogs have even familiarized themselves with the word “vet,” and every time they hear it, they try to find a way to escape. If they can’t escape, then they just cry and whine like babies.

That is exactly what Enzo did in the video. He was taken by his parents for a ride in the car, and once they reached the vet’s clinic, he recognized the place. His heart broke into pieces because of his parents’ betrayal. He was whimpering and looking for a way out, and we somehow feel bad for the pup.

However, we all know that these visits are for the welfare of our pets. So, Enzo will just need to get through it. Hopefully, Enzo got a nice treat after the visit, and he has forgiven his mom and dad for tricking him into going there. See Enzo’s hilarious reaction in the video below.

Credits: xDBA3x


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