Every fur parent would surely be thankful to anyone who saves their pet’s life. But, perhaps, no one shows gratitude better than WeatherTech owner and CEO David MacNeil. After the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine treated his dog’s cancer, he paid tribute to them through a Super Bowl ad.

Based on the reports, David paid $6 million for a 30-second commercial, featuring his seven-year-old dog at the UW- Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The ad was aired during the second quarter of the game. This is the second time that Scout was seen on the big screen. Last year, he starred in the WeatherTech commercial that was also aired during the Super Bowl.

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🧡Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful well wishes, love, support, and prayers!! Today was my first day of ten rounds of radiation therapy to knock out the cancer that is now in my lungs. 🧡Dr. Nate said I did fantastic! He also said I melted hearts carrying my little stuffie through the halls my mom gave to him for me to wake up to. Since I have to be put under anesthesia for the treatments I like to have one of my buddies with me. 🧡Now we are resting together and I will get to go for walks and have lots of treats and snuggles! • • • #ScoutStrong #whosagoodboy #fightingcancer #beatingcancet #goldenlife #scoutsfriends #prayers #healing #goodvibes #strongboy #caninecancerwarrior #goldenretriever #dogs #doggos #weathertechpet #uwmadisonveterinaryclinic

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In this year’s ad, a voiceover introduced Scout as a “lucky dog.” This wasn’t only because the pup found a cool stick or that he was featured on a commercial during the big game last year. It is because Scout is a cancer survivor. The voice explained that Scout’s heart had a tumor and had a one percent chance of survival.

It was summer last year when Scout suddenly collapsed at home. After an ultrasound, his family learned that he had a tumor in his heart. Thankfully, Scout received treatment at the UW Veterinary Care and has since recovered from his life-threatening illness.


Scout was not the only one that was featured in the ad. The pup was also seen walking down the veterinary school halls alongside some of the health experts that saved his life. The commercial ended, encouraging people to donate to the cancer research efforts of the school through weathertech.com/donate.

David said that they don’t only intend to raise awareness. They also hope to get financial support for the research and treatments at the university. According to David, they wanted to utilize the biggest stage possible and highlight not just Scout’s story but also the incredible breakthroughs there. He noted that this is not only limited to animals. It will also help advance human cancer treatments.

Credit: Scout, UWMadison


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