As an advocate for animal rights, I have always supported adopting dogs and cats from shelters rather than buying them from pet stores. Buying from pet stores encourages people who have no regard for animal welfare to breed cats and dogs without thinking about their well-being.

The UK Government decided to ban kitten and puppy farms throughout the country. This move in The UK’s animal rights law is heavily influenced by the people where ninety percent of the public survey respondents voted to ban the practice.

The change in animal rights legislation started when illegal puppy and kitten farms were becoming rampant across the country. The illegal farms had horrific living conditions for the animals, which sparked outrage in public.

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The law will prevent third-party breeders from selling kittens and puppies that were raised in unsuitable conditions. Also included in the legislation is that licensed breeders will only be allowed to sell a specific number of kittens on puppies per year. They are also only allowed to sell puppies or kittens that they breed.

For online sales, it will be required by The UK law to display their license numbers as well as the dog’s country of origin.

The legislation will hopefully decrease the number of illegal puppy and kitten mills all over the country and help in making people aware of illegal animal-breeding practices.

The UK government also hopes that the new law will encourage people to go to shelters to adopt rescued cats and dogs instead of buying one from pet stores.

This move by The United Kingdom government is a start in regulating breeding practices of cats and dogs. It will reduce the number of stray dogs in the country and also encourage people to adopt rescue dogs.

With this law, people who have complete disregard for animal welfare will no longer be able to profit from breeding dogs and mistreating them.

Here’s a short video about the news on The United Kingdom’s move in banning puppy and kitten mills across the country.

Video Source Newsy via YouTube


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