You may already have discovered that throughout a lifetime, you get to meet various kinds of people and share different types of memories. Some memories last longer while some do not.

This also happens with goodbyes. There are times when the separation is only temporary, and there are times when you have to bid farewell for good.

When a dog-loving family loses a dog, the impact feels like they have lost an important family member as well. Everything was not the same anymore and the memories of the dog that was left behind remain with them throughout the years.

Who would have thought that after nine long years and a change of home address, it is still possible for a family to reunite with their lost pup? Well, it appeared that fate really brought the lost dog and his family together again.

The Goldston family lost their dog named Boozer nine years ago while they were moving to a new state. Since the whole family was busy, the pup got loose and wandered elsewhere. When they moved out of their former house, they just left Boozer because they do not have enough time to search for him.

All the while, the family wished for their dog’s safety and well-being. Boozer may not be with them anymore but their thoughts and well wishes for him are still in one piece.

After nine years, the family rejoiced after hearing the good news from Foothills Animal Shelter. As lucky as they were, they got to trace the Goldston family because of Boozer’s microchip implant.

A few days before that, a concerned individual surrendered the homeless pup to the shelter. It paved the way to the much-awaited reunion between the long-lost dog and the yearning family. What a happy ending for the dog and his family!

Credit: USA Today on Youtube 


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