In Vineland, New Jersey, a local was riding his car one day when he suddenly saw the saddest scene: five sick young puppies on the roadside.

It was apparent these homeless puppies had been dumped. And this Good Samaritan who spotted them cannot just leave the cute puppies there. He immediately called the South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter, which then quickly sent animal control authority to pick the abandoned puppies up.

The puppies had been in such terrible form that the officer chose to deliver them immediately to the veterinary clinic before taking them to the shelter for immediate medical care. The five dogs had eye infections, psoriasis, open sores on their bodies, and swollen feet.

All of them were undernourished, and it was sad that they had suffered horrible neglect. After being checked by the veterinarian, the five puppies were then sent to the animal shelter. The volunteers and staff of the center could hardly believe what they see.

The pups had been through a lot of things, and yet despite those things, they were the friendliest cute puppies and welcomed their saviors with gratitude and love. Kathleen Leary, the supervisor of operations of the shelter, said that the puppies were adorable despite their condition.

The puppies are believed to be five and a half months old and of cane Corso-mastiff breed. But, it is impossible to decide for sure as they are in bad shape. They are almost bald with only a few strands of hair. They underwent treatments to have a faster and more smooth recovery stage.

Now, all of the rescued puppies were in foster care and doing well. The staff gave them names after the Super Mario characters, namely, Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, Daisy, and Bowser.

Their unique personalities started to come out, and they appeared very kind to other dogs. The shelter is expecting the puppies are ready for adoption in a month. However, it will depend on how they progress.

Here is a video below that shows the inspiring story.

Video credit Zoo Land via YouTube


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