Most of the time, when a dog is about to give birth, owners look forward to knowing the number of puppies that they’d have. They’re excited to know the pups’ gender and their color too. Dogs are usually white, black, or brown. However, one golden retriever unexpectedly gave birth to a green puppy.

Rio, a golden retriever from Scotland, delivered nine puppies. To her owner’s surprise, one of them was green. Her owner, Louise Sutherland, couldn’t believe when they saw the pup.

That's no trick: a golden retriever in Scotland gave birth to a green puppy! "Rio" gave birth to 9 puppies, and owner…

Posted by Bill Fitzgerald – WTVR CBS 6 on Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The green tint pup has only happened a few times before. It is believed that the green tint occurs because the green bile pigment or biliverdin on the placenta of the mother dog mixes with the amniotic fluid. This fluid surrounds and protects the puppies. The green pigment on the pup’s fur is only temporary, and it usually fades in a few weeks.

Back in 2014, a green pup from Spain also made it on the news. Unfortunately, it was born smaller and weaker compared to its siblings. The green puppy passed away shortly after it was born. There was no proven direct connection between its green pigmentation and its premature death though.

Couple is shocked when chocolate lab gives birth to green puppy

Posted by Tonya Terry WSFA 12 News on Friday, February 10, 2017


Sutherland named the little green pup Forest. Because of its color, Forest had become some sort of an internet sensation. Just like its owners, people were amazed to see an odd-colored pup.

Fortunately, unlike the green puppy from Spain, Forest appeared to be in good shape. It’s as healthy as the rest of its siblings. As days went by, Forest’s temporary green color started to fade too. Its real color began to appear.

Sutherland said that the other puppies would go to their new loving homes. However, she’ll keep Forest under her care. Forest will surely be another sweet pup that would bring its owners immeasurable joy.

Credit: Bill Fitzgerald, Tonya Terry

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