Dogs can do everything. Stories about dogs with special skills and abilities are a dime a dozen. And we can’t get enough of them.

From these stories, we find out that dogs can be deployed to war and help sniff out bombs. They can detect the onset of a seizure. A few of them can even paint like Pollock or Picasso.

Some dogs can dance. Others can sing. And many of them won’t feel out of place on the America’s Got Talent stage.

Yes, there are boundless possibilities in terms of what dogs can achieve. Our featured story adds to this well-established truth. Watch the video below.

The dog in our featured video goes by the moniker Jack the Diamond Dog. He’s a bonafide celebrity on the baseball field. No, he does not play for a Major League Baseball team, but what he does is just as special.

Jack serves as a canine gofer for minor league baseball games. His main duty is handing out water bottles to game umpires on the field. He does that by carrying a water basket by his mouth.

On top of his waterboy duties, Jack the Diamond Dog also fetches baseball bats from the field. On “game sweetheart” segments, he takes flowers to the chosen sweetheart. Sometimes he even takes the ball to the mound for the opening pitch and stands next to the pitcher during the national anthem.

All these baseball field exposures have garnered Jack the Diamond Dog a slew of devoted fans. A scheduled meet-and-greet solely devoted to Jack is held after every game to satisfy fans’ admiration and curiosity.

We can’t help but admire Jack. He’s like the canine equivalent of the renaissance man. He does all sorts of things and he does them all too well.

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