Dogs are very eager creatures around their human parents. They do everything they can to please them, to the point of indulging their parents with some one-of-a-kind tricks.

As such, Mikey the Great Dane immediately jumps to the opportunity of helping out his fur parents with their groceries.

Mom, can I help you?

The video starts with Mikey eagerly standing across a van. Moments later, the Great Dane walks towards the vehicle, taking a look at what’s inside it.

It turns out; Mom went out for some grocery shopping. As eager as a beaver can be, Mike starts jumping on the groceries, excitedly waiting for Mom to hand him an item he can carry.

After a few seconds of searching, Mom doled out a cucumber to Mikey. Carefully, the pooch bit the cucumber in between his teeth and ran towards the door.

Quick, give me another one.

However, as the door’s closed, Mikey waited for Mom to open it. As soon as the door’s unlocked, Mikey rushed inside, placing the cucumber on the floor. The dog’s perfect delivery gained him praises from Mom.

Reeling from the praise Mom gave him, Mikey excitedly sauntered to the van. Once they reach it, Mom immediately doles out a box of spaghetti to the waiting pooch.

Quickly, Mikey holds the box in his mouth and heads to the house. Without even waiting for Mom to check up on his work, Mikey came out to receive another item from Mom.

Oooh! Corn on a cob!

This time, Mom picked out an interesting item – an ear of corn. Just like the previous items, the pooch holds it carefully in his mouth as he heads straight to the house.

This time though, it took Mikey quite some time to come out. When Dad came to check, he realized the pooch went somewhere with the corn cob in tow. Dad continued to search until he reached their living room.

What scene do you think did Dad saw? You’ll find out if you manage to watch the entire video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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