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Through the years, dogs have shown incredibly high intelligence in decision-making. They know when trouble or an unfortunate incident is brewing up.

Through their instinct, dogs react negatively whenever they feel there is a bad thing going up. Their intuition of things is almost always a hundred percent to be accurate, several studies suggest.

This theory has already been proven in so many cases across the world. For instance, at a wedding in Africa when a brave dog started to act strangely as he felt trouble to happen.

Somewhere in Belbelo, Nigeria in April 2017, a wedding ceremony of an unnamed couple has just begun.

The wedding visitors were clueless that they were on the verge of great trouble or even death if not for the dog’s intuition.

One girl, who happens to uninvited during the ceremony, entered the scenario. She is believed to be part of an Islamic terrorist group known as the Boko Haram. The strange teenage girl went to the congregation of guests with an evil agenda.

A guest, on the other hand, noticed that his dog companion started to act strangely. In just a blink of an eye, the pooch immediately ran towards the direction of the strange teenager and attacked her.

After the dog attacked the woman, a peculiar thing fell under her dress. It was a bomb.

According to police reports, because of the dog’s quick response, the teenage woman was prevented from accomplishing her evil plan. The bomb, however, still detonated but not in the wedding place where several people were gathered.

Both the teenage girl and dog died because of the explosion. No other casualties were recorded.

The pooch may have died, but he is remembered to save many lives because of his quick thinking. When the story broke out, many people were amazed at how the dog reacted and praised him for saving lives even if it meant losing his.

Credits to The Research Revolution


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