Hiking is not for the soft and the weak; it is a tough sport both mentally and physically. The men and women who hike the tallest peaks not only need to have elite endurance, but they must have the mental fortitude to be able to push themselves beyond their limits. Now imagine how tough this sport is and add a 55-pound dog on your back.

It would seem impossible for some people, but not for Tia Vargas. This single mom of three showed the world that no matter how difficult our current situation is, sometimes we just have to suck it up and keep moving forward. It’s what she did, and she even got a nice reward for the good deed she has done.

Tia and her dad, Ted, were hiking up in Table Rock Trail that fateful day. While her dad waited for her down the trail, Tia went solo to reach the summit of the mountain. On her way down, she spotted a dog who was all alone. He was in bad shape and apparently had injured one of his legs. So, he couldn’t walk, let alone stand.

She checked the pup’s collar, and it read “Boomer.” Tia recalled seeing a flyer about a lost dog and thought to herself that Boomer must be that dog. She carried him on her back and slowly went down the trail. Their little journey had its ups and downs. At one point, Tia placed the pooch on her lap and slid down the snow for an easier descent. We’re pretty sure Tia and Boomer enjoyed that slide.

However, there was also a moment when Tia almost gave up. Boomer weighed over 55 pounds, and Tia was already exhausted before she came across the pup, so she was sapped of her energy. Tia sat down for a bit and said a little prayer. She asked for more strength as she had no plans of leaving Boomer alone. Somehow it worked!

Tia got a second wind that helped her carry Boomer back to the bottom of the trail. In total, she carried Boomer for six miles. When she got in touch with Boomer’s family, they decided to let her keep the dog, which was perfect because Tia’s daughters have been bugging her about getting a dog. Boomer’s former family was looking to rehome him, and this was a clear sign that he was destined to be with Tia and her daughters.

Credits: Good Morning America


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