If there is one worst thing that humans came up with to earn thousands of money, it is puppy mills where dogs live in inhumane conditions. Puppy mills are a place where owners force dogs to have litters of puppies thrice a year, which abuses their physical and mental wellbeing.

The dogs’ suffering finally ended in July 2014 when the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal’s Office raided the puppy mill located in Georgia. The Heavenly Kennels started its operation in the 1980s, but thanks to the successful raid, all the dogs’ hardships came to an end. 

Victoria Stilwell, an English dog trainer, joined the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Cherokee County Marshal’s Office in raiding the puppy mill which kept over 500 dogs. They were surprised to see the massive number of dogs who lived such life.

All the dogs lived in dirty, uncleaned cages, and even slept beside their own feces. They were kept outside with no heating system to keep them warm, especially on rainy days.

Although some of the dogs were cautious because of the lack of human contact, most of the dogs’ faces lit up, and their tails happily wagged when people approach their kennel. While the absence of social interaction made some dogs wary, many welcomed it despite not knowing who it came from.

The rescue team saved a total of 526 dogs during the entire operation. However, most of the female dogs were pregnant, which increased their numbers later on when they gave birth.

Six weeks after the successful raid, the rescuers scheduled an adoption day where hundreds of individuals and families lined up, all excited to take the dogs to their new homes. After the event, all the rescued dogs were adopted.

Joy Wise, the owner of Heavenly Kennels, was charged for more than 250 counts of animal cruelty and received a 25-year probationary sentence. All the dogs who suffered in the puppy mill finally received their due justice.

One year after the adoption event, the dogs, their parents, and their rescuers met for a reunion. All the fur-parents were happy seeing the rescued dogs living a comfortable life.

Source: Victoria Stillwell via YouTube


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