IKEA has found so many ways to cater to their shoppers’ needs. They introduced the cafeteria for shoppers who get the munchies while shopping, one branch introduced a man-cave with video games and TVs where men and boys can play and watch sports games, and some have play areas for the kids.

A branch in Cologne, Germany found a way to discourage shoppers from leaving their dogs in their cars. We all know about this problem with some dog parents. They tend to leave their dogs in their cars, and if it’s hot outside, the dogs become susceptible to heat stroke.

Despite the widespread protest about this negligent behavior, there are still many dog parents who do this. Unless a dog parent is driving a Tesla with dog features, there is no acceptable scenario when one can leave their dog in the car. Neither summer or winter.

The IKEA in Cologne has introduced the use of dog parking bays. If you wonder what these are, it’s pretty much is how it sounds — a parking area for dogs. The bays come complete with a water bowl for the thirsty pups, artificial grass where the dogs can rest, and a post where the owners can secure the leash to.

Between the dog bays, are ample spaces for safety measure. Nobody would want dogs to be within reach of each other as that could only spell trouble. IKEA Cologne is happy with the outcome as more people are discouraged from leaving their dogs in their vehicles.

So far there are no reported incidents about the use of these dog bays, and everyone loved the idea. It’s just another example of how IKEA shows they are more than just a shopping center for furniture and other home accessories. They are innovators who not only improve homes but how things are being done as well.


Video credit: Global1 News Network via Youtube


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