We usually find journalists always behind the scenes of any news. They report about what’s happening in our community, and they also gather all the facts to present to the public. However, this doesn’t mean that journalists will only stand by a corner and watch something terrible happening. They are also people who have compassion and will take action if they think it’s the right thing to do.

During a wildfire in Butte County in California, Brandon Rittiman of ABC 10, along with photographers were covering a story. They were right in the path of the flames when they noticed a building that was moments away from being engulfed by the wildfire.

While filming the wildfire story, Brandon and the other journalists saw something move just outside the building, which is a fenced area. They took a closer look and saw several dogs running around the property, attempting to escape.

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Brandon and his crew knew that the dogs don’t have a chance against the raging wildfire. Without help from people, the dogs would surely die from the smoke or from the fire itself. The area they were reporting in was already evacuated. There was no one to help the dogs get out of the shelter.

Brandon and his crew knew that they were the only hope that the dogs have. Without giving it a second thought, Brandon, along with the photographers from ABC 10, jumped into action rescued the dogs. Thankfully, the gate was unlocked, and the dogs were frantic when they saw Brandon approaching them.

Once Brandon was able to open the gate, all the dogs ran out. They seem to know that they were safe. Brandon was able to take a couple of the dogs in the news van, and the other dogs were given a ride to safety inside a police cruiser.

If it weren’t for the brave actions of Brandon and his fellow journalists, the dogs trapped inside the shelter would have no chance to survive. We have to remember that during emergencies like wildfire or hurricane, we should never leave our pets behind. Here’s a video featuring Brandon rescuing a group of dogs trapped in the shelter.

Video Source HeartThreads via YouTube


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