A rescuer’s heart broke when she started to approach a puppy that was huddled and leaning near a pole by the sides of an alleyway. As soon as she began nearing, the dog lets out despairing and fearful howls. He was cold-stricken and was shaking. In addition to being exposed to the cold from lying too long on the snow out in the open, the dog is also presumed to have been enduring pain from injuries.

As Donna, the respondent from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, walked slowly towards the dog, he started to howl as if screaming for help.

Donna said their hearts were totally broken in two by that poor soul. She also wrote on Facebook about how the dog was screaming out of fear and shivering.

The dog did not try to run away, even though he never stopped howling and although fearful, he allowed Donna to put a leash on his neck and secure him. The dog started whimpering a bit later and one can see in his eyes that his feelings were a sad blend of relief and being frightened.

The dog reeks of infection coming from the wound at the side of his body. He also suffers from a condition called paraphimosis in which an uncircumcised male canine’s retracted foreskin is unable to return to its normal state as per rescuer Donna.

His rescuers named him Weezer. The moment he was brought into the car and was set beside Donna, his tail started to wag. Donna was thankful that Weezer is not going to stay and spend another of his minutes out and lonely in the freezing cold. She kept petting the dog and talking with him. Wezer got immediately checked by the medical personnel as soon as they have arrived at the trauma center.

The awful infection poor Weezer has endured was apparently received from a harness being embedded on his skin. According to Stray Rescue, they have seen some dogs having collars embedded on them but that was the first harness they have seen embedded on a dog. And in time, along with the cold, the wound got infected so badly.

It is good though that his paraphimosis was not too severe.

To their relief, Weezer’s paraphimosis was inconsequential –just a minor instance. Weezer is at seven months of age and after a few days of treatment and rest, he’s on his way to his foster care.

He will stay there to heal and rest until he becomes viable for adoption.

Credits to Stray Rescue Of St. Louis



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