When it comes to dog loyalty, no name has risen above the Japanese dog Hachiko. His story has been told numerous times and has also been immortalized in a movie. One dog in Siberia has inherited the name for showing the same devotion that its Japanese counterpart is known for.

For over a year now, a mixed breed dog has been staying in the same spot waiting for its owners to come back. The dog has braved two Siberian winters already hoping that his family will come back for him soon. Sadly, his family was involved in a car crash, and as far as anyone is concerned, no one survived.

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Waiting in vain

People have started noticing that the dog stayed by the side of the road and have started worrying about its welfare. Many attempts have already been made to rescue the dog but to no avail. The dog refuses to be captured and evades anyone that comes close to him. It doesn’t trust anybody and would rather wait for its previous owners.

To help the dog survive, people have grown accustomed to giving it food. Cars that pass by throw food by the side of the dog for its nourishment. Some have even built a kennel for the dog so that it has somewhere to stay at night or when the weather becomes too harsh. Rescuers are still worried that the dog might get hit by a car.

One time, a truck came too close to the side of the road. It didn’t hit the dog but wrecked its kennel. Don’t worry though. Local residents rebuilt the shelter after a few weeks. According to rescuers who have been observing the dog, it is advised that no one comes near the dog as it may get scared and run towards the traffic. Check out the video below to see his story.

Source: Cool Panda via Youtube


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