In this time and age, videos of dogs online have become one of our primary sources of entertainment. After all, who doesn’t enjoy watching canine’s crazy shenanigans and hilarious antics? But among the rising online celebrities popping up nowadays, no one can truly beat the amusing duo of Max and Murphy, a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever puppy.

You see, although the pair differs in size and personality, they bond like true brothers. They live with their owner, Brian, who also happens to manage their Instagram account of over 460,000 followers. This massive online fandom alone is enough proof of the pair’s charisma.

Brian acts as the manager of the two canines. He is also responsible for their page’s online content, which is typically composed of doggy challenges and the duo’s daily shenanigans. But between doggy walks and trips to the vet, what Brian loves doing most is playing a prank on his canines. And recently, he uploaded yet another one of his hilarious dog pranks.

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His prank was basically him fainting dramatically in front of Max and Murphy and playing dead. To start it off, he set up a camera in the living room and casually walked over to where the two were standing. When he was right in front of Max, he then dropped on the floor.

Murphy was instantly on panic mode, while Max calmly sat in front of Brian and asked Murphy what to do. The two conversed in dog speak for a few seconds before finally going with an emergency “pupcedure.” This was basically Max jumping from the couch and landing on Brian’s tummy.

His unexpected cannonball surely made Brian get up in an instant. Murphy was obviously proud of his achievement as he wagged his tail around his now awake owner.

Brian uploaded the video on Instagram shortly afterward. And with over 70,000 views, it was safe to say that it was a success. Hopefully, there is no need to use the emergency “pupcedure” next time around. Watch the hilarious scene unfold here.

Courtesy of max.and.murph


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