Dogs are unique. Each can be of any size and may possess different body features. It is also the same with this dog. Her name is Posey – the Dwarf Pittie!

She has little legs and toes are a bit stubby, but it’s cute! Her ears stick up 24/7, maybe she wants to hear something juicy? She also has the biggest smile with her tongue hanging out.

“Yep, this dog is definitely unique and very special!” Christina concluded.

Her mother, Christina first found her when one of her co-workers texted her about the pittie puppy.

“Oh My God!” exclaimed both she and her co-worker
“You’ve got to see this puppy at the clinic!”

Her reaction was the same when she met Posey, she was surprised at his unique condition yet she knew she could give her the love and care she needed.

Posey has congenital dwarfism, which limits her from walking for a while. So Christina helped solve this by pulling a cart whenever they go out. Everybody takes it very well when Posey is in a cart but all ask the same question: “is there something wrong with her?”

But despite everything, she is precious and more than fine. She barks when someone rings the doorbell. She will even crawl just to get to the door!

But even with her lack of mobility, that doesn’t stop her from being a normal dog.

She is now also called a “Therapy Dog”. The reason she was called that is because she was always good with people and gave people a happy vibe. But not only that, they made her an inspiring role model for others with challenges and people with disabilities. “But she’s still an awesome dog and we still love her!”

Watch this inspiring video about Posey sharing her condition with others.

Source: The Dodo via Youtube


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