There are a lot of people who are members of rescue organizations. These give them an avenue to reach and help as many dogs as they can. This gives them a chance to provide dogs a second chance.

Jessa is a pit bull who was tied to a fence. Jessa had bruises on her face when she was found. People didn’t know what happened to her or how she got all her bruises. She looked like she had a terrible past.

Everyone was assuming that Jessa came from dogfighting. She had so many facial scars that indicate it. Craig Fields and Virginie Annick Fields are the owners of New York Bully Crew. The couple saw Jessa’s picture online and wanted to help her out.

It was difficult for any dog lover to see how bruised her face was. It was heartbreaking. The rescuers were amazed that she was not emaciated when she was found. Most dogs in her situation would have been.

The reason why she had extra weight on and was not emaciated was that she was pregnant. This fantastic dog gave birth to six beautiful little puppies.

Jessa saw was so proud of herself. She was so pleased that she brought all six puppies into this world.

Jessa is an amazing mom too. She makes sure that everybody gets their fair share of milk. She will never lose a puppy because Jessa would line them up. The line up is the cutest thing!

When all the puppies were big enough and healthy enough, they became available for adoption. All of them were adopted right away. As for Jessa, she is still waiting for her forever family.

All she really wants is to be loved and cared for. That’s all that matters to her, and hopefully, she will find her perfect family soon.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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