Back in August, 2-year-old Bowie lost his leg because of prolonged health complications. Since then, he had to relearn doing almost everything. With his family’s help, Bowie found ways of doing day-to-day things like how to go up and down the stairs. To make it a little easier for himself, Bowie leans against the wall then hops for him to go down the stairs.

By January, Bowie was already thriving on his three legs. This was the same month when Zeppelin became part of the family. The two of them instantly hit it and became the best of friends. Their mom, Karisa Maxwell, said that the two of them are always cuddling or playing together even when other dogs are around.

Posted by Karisa Maxwell on Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Initially, Maxwell said that they were worried that as Zeppelin got bigger than Bowie, he would be scared to play with her. But, Zeppelin is very gentle with her three-legged big brother. She protects him and plays at his pace.

Naturally, as a baby sister, Zeppelin took cues from her big brother. She learned how to become a dog from Bowie. Maxwell said that when Zeppelin was small, she always hopped when going downstairs. However, they thought it was only because her legs were still short.


When Zeppelin got bigger, they noticed that she also leans against the wall and keeps her hind legs together. Because she takes cues from her favorite big brother, she also goes down the stairs like she only has three legs. This is absolutely adorable!

Her parents tried to show Zeppelin that she doesn’t need to go downstairs that way and that she can walk using one foot in front of the other. However, Maxwell said that Zeppelin just looks at them with a confused face and continues to hop like Bowie.

Zeppelin definitely adores her big brother. She loves Bowie more than anything in the world. And no matter what, all she wants is to be just like him.

Credit: Karisa Maxwell


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