Even with the matted fur, you can tell that the dog used to be cute. Judging by how long and tangled his coat is, he’s been here quite a while, wandering the streets, still waiting for his owner to come back. But why is he here? Where did he come from?

An eyewitness relayed exactly how he saw a blue truck stop by the roadside. According to him, the driver went out and simply dropped the dog in the middle of the street. The eyewitness couldn’t believe what he just saw; he himself thought he will come back for the dog later. A cold wave hit the country during that time. When the citizens were all trying to bundle up and stay indoors, this heartless human decided not to keep his pet anymore and leave him out into the cold.

It is a miracle it survived winter in the streets. It is heartbreaking to see this dog run after every blue truck it sees. It chases it until it no longer sees it… then he returns to his waiting place.

Neighbors try to befriend the dog, but the cautious canine won’t come near. Rain or shine, it stays by the side of the road, waiting for its owner to return. Concerned citizens worry what the elements can do to the dog and decided to rescue him. They sent him to an animal clinic where he had a checkup. He is healthy, but his skin needed treatment. The tangled fur also needs to come off.

The dog looks new and clean, hopefully, a kind-hearted person adopts him and heals him of his emotional scars. Will he still chase after blue trucks? Only time will tell.

Watch how this rag dog finally got off the streets:


Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 via YouTube


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