Fireworks are used for entertainment especially during holidays and festival activities. It brings much joy and excitement particularly in young children as it displays a variety of colors and designs. Unfortunately, for almost all dogs, fireworks could be their worst nightmare.

But exactly why most dogs are afraid of fireworks. There are five fear factors which are considered as contributing to their fear of fireworks. Also, some ways to help them stay calm and remain in a comfortable state are also presented.

Fireworks produce loud sounds

The main reason why we love fireworks is that they create loud and robust sounds. These sounds frighten dogs since they possess a powerful sense of hearing. So, for dogs who have issues on fireworks, make sure to keep them inside the house preferably in a room where there is music.

Fireworks struck without warning

Since fireworks come without signal accompanied by bangs and pops, they disturb dogs in the middle of their enjoyable night sleep. In dealing with this issue, it is best to start exposing your dog on a recorded firework sound. And then, try to increase the volume gradually while giving a reward if your dog stays calm.

Fireworks could be a danger

Since fireworks create loud sounds, some dogs thought they are a real danger, thus stimulating a flight response as evidenced by panting, kicking, and moving. To combat this perception, always stay close to your dog and provide a calming and relaxed environment. Also, maintain positive energy to alleviate anxiety and fear.

Dogs think they are caught in a trap

If fireworks have activated a dog’s flight response but he found no way to escape the threat, his anxiety and fear even increase. To alleviate this negative feeling, the best way to do is to keep your dog away from the area by bringing him to your friends or families whom your dog is familiar. This way at least allows your dog to feel safe and secure.

Dogs feelĀ  they are susceptible to harm

If dogs already inculcated in their minds that fireworks are a threat, then they believe they are very susceptible to this stimulus. If removing your dog from this undesirable and stressful situation is impossible, it is better to keep him in his crate if he is crate-trained where he feels most secure. If it is not available, alternatively, you can prepare a particular area that has a calm atmosphere or use drapes that provides him more comfort.

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Indeed, there are many ways to discover how we can protect our dogs during this stressful situation specifically fireworks display.





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