Paul Steklenski, from Pennsylvania, is a former Army and currently works as a network engineer. Back in 2013, he decided to train and get licensed as a pilot. He decided to get a dog too. Back then, these two decisions didn’t seem to have anything to do with each other, until he finally got himself a dog.

On his search for a new pet, Paul visited different pet stores and shelters. That’s where he learned the difference between the two. He also learned about the network of animal lovers who are working to rescue unwanted shelter dogs.

5 years ago today, this little one came home.Little did I know it would forever change my life, my future, and the…

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In August 2013, he adopted a new furry family member from Tenessee named Tessa. Paul said that Tessa changed him. She changed everything about him.

When he got his license, Paul thought that he had to have a purpose to fly. So, he started helping Pilots N Paws on their mission to transport rescue animals. However, he knew that he could save more if he made the connections himself.

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So in 2015, Paul created the rescue organization named Flying Fur Animal Rescue. On his vacation days, he would fly from Pennsylvania going to the state of North Carolina. And then, he’d go back to New York area using a rented plane. This enabled him to save more dogs with the least amount of time spent. Despite costing him some fortune, Paul said that he feels very much fulfilled with his mission.

Some animal lovers have also been helping Paul with his mission. He, later on, bought a plane of his own just for the purpose of saving dogs. Because of that, he’s able to help cut the transport expenses, and not to mention lessen the stress, of rescue organizations who need urgent help.

The captain has turned on the fasten seat….eh, whatever.2 years ago, well, they did what they want 🧐🤔😎🐶✈️Tomorrow, after a month hiatus of a broken airplane, we fly again, and bring another 21 home

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One of those rescue pets was Emma, a 14-year-old dog from the East Coast. Emma has been neglected all her life. The vets who checked on her said that she’s suffering from yeast and bacterial infection. She also has heartworm and rotten teeth.

Emma wasn’t going to make it if not for Paul’s help. He said that the feeling of having Emma on the plane, seeing the entire New York City, was incredible. After everything that Emma has been through, she now has a second chance to live a normal, happy life.

Yesterday’s co-pawlet 😍😁🐶✈️

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Paul’s journey is proof of how dogs impact and change people’s lives. Not only that, but this also goes to show how people’s decision can make a difference in a dog’s entire life.

Credit: Flying Fur Animal Rescue

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