Sometimes all a soul needs to break their protective barrier is another soul that they know they can trust. Others may try to gain their trust but would fail miserably. Dogs are sometimes the best detectors of trustworthy people. That is why they are the best guard dogs, and they may dislike people around their owner that isn’t trustworthy.

So every time you see in the movies how dogs dislike the antagonist in the story, it’s not something made up just to induce laughter. It’s actually somewhat based on real dog behavior. But our advice is if your dog suddenly snarls at somebody, don’t read into it too much.

Take this dog in Christchurch, New Zealand for instance. This poor pit bull named Nala has been rescued off the streets by Christchurch Bull Reed Rescue. Abbey Van Der Plas, who owns the rescue center, and her team aren’t aware of the dog’s history or why she was abandoned.

But whatever it was, it certainly left a mark on her. A deep scar that would probably never heal. She would just sit at the back of her cage, away from people and never interacting with them. Abbey was puzzled but somewhat sympathetic. So she didn’t give up on the pup.

She somehow understood that the dog might’ve gone through a very traumatic experience that made her lose all of her trust in humans. Abbey thought if someone who looks less threatening came to Nala, perhaps she would budge — and she was absolutely right.

Abbey asked her 7-year old son, Zach to approach Nala, and upon seeing the boy’s friendly face, Nala stood up and went near him to interact with Zach. Something that Nala never did for weeks since she was rescued. After this encounter, Nala’s personality changed so much that she is now ready to be adopted and find her forever home.

Video credit: Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue via Youtube


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