When Officer Tony Oliver received a call about a loose dog in Martinez, California, he immediately responded to the scene. Reporters told him that the dog was aggressive, so he had to be careful in catching him.

In an abandoned residential property, the officer found Rocko, a tan and white Pitbull Terrier mix that’s about 3 years old. The dog kept growling and barking. And he refused any contact at all.

Oliver immediately knew that Rocko needed medical attention. He has a skin condition that made physical contact extremely painful. Hence, he did not want anyone or anything near him.

Eventually, Oliver managed to put a lead around Rocko’s neck. But the dog had a terrible skin that he whimpered in pain.

“His initial aggression was probably somewhat provoked by the situation,” said Alyssa Vincent, Animal Behavior Specialist with Contra Costa Animal Shelter. “But it also got escalated by the fact that he was so physically uncomfortable.”

After he was seen and examined, the vet administered antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. Rocko also had medical baths to soothe his skin. Almost instantly, it made a huge difference.

Once Rocko’s skin started to soothe, physical contact felt really good rather than painful and uncomfortable. He also began showing his goofy and happy personality. Volunteer workers were finally able to take him out for walks.

Rocko will make the best adventure buddy for anyone looking for a solo side-kick. But he will also be a great apartment dog. He loves spending time with his people and will do best in a household where he has someone to spend time hanging out with him.

Rocko has been in the shelter for the last two months. Hopefully, the perfect family comes soon to bring him home and give him the life that he deserves.

“He’s just such a warm personality. I just see him brighten everybody’s day, and that’s my favorite part about him.”

Credits to Contra Costa Animal Shelter and Officer Tony Oliver


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