A couple of weeks ago, Melanie Talbot was in Gweek, Cornwall, to visit the Seal Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary. Along with her was her two-year-old dog named Stanley. No doubt, Melanie wanted this trip to be fun. But, she never expected that this would help her adorable sausage pup find an equally charming friend.

The sanctuary is home to many rescue seals, and one of them is Aayla. While looking around, Melanie and Stanley got to the part where the friendly seal was. When Stanley and Aayla saw each other, it seemed that an instant bond was built.

Posted by Cornish Seal Sanctuary (OFFICIAL) on Tuesday, January 28, 2020


According to Melanie, Aayla swam straight to the glass. Then she pressed her nose toward Stanley, who was on the other side. It was only a 20-minute encounter, but definitely a memorable one. Melanie said she couldn’t believe it when Stanley and Aayla posed for the camera.

Upon looking at the photo, Melanie thought about the friendship that develops among animals. She was thrilled to see that different species can form that kind of bond. That day, Stanley was wearing his snood over his ears because it was cold. Melanie wondered if her pup’s look made the seal inquisitive.

Posted by Cornish Seal Sanctuary (OFFICIAL) on Tuesday, January 28, 2020


Although Stanley is always happy to pose for a picture, Melanie said that this was the first time that she managed to capture such a “magical” interaction. She noted that her pup has some doggy friends, but he never bonded with other types of animals. When Melanie and Stanley checked out the other seals outside, she said that Aayla kept coming out of the water. She was looking for her new doggy friend.

The sanctuary’s marketing manager, Georgina Shannon, described Aayla as an active seal who enjoys playing. She noted that the playful seal, who was rescued in 2017 in Bacton, Norfolk, is smart and quickly picks up new things when training. Her flipper is part-amputated. Despite that, she can still keep up with the rest and even gets herself into lots of mischiefs.

Credit: Cornish Seal Sanctuary


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