A city park employee alerted the rescuers at Birmingham Dogs Home, a rescue group from England, about a stray dog. The employee said that the dog was found inside a trash bin at the city park. The dog was alone and shivering.

They couldn’t tell if the dog was deliberately placed inside the trash bin or if he took refuge there. It was winter season and the night can get extremely cold. Sadly, this is only one of the many cases of dog abandonment. Each year, thousands of dogs are cruelly left alone by their owners.

Found inside a bin at Sutton Park after spending the night trying to keep warm after temperatures plummeted during the night.

Posted by Birmingham Dogs Home on Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Fortunately, this 18-month-old dog’s life is now about to change. He’s now under the loving care of Birmingham Dogs Home. The rescuers inspected the dog and found no microchip for his owners to be traced. They also ensured that the dog feels warm enough on their under-floor heating, unlike the icy trash bin where he was found.

The rescue group also said that, under their care, the dog was already getting his much-needed love and attention. In fact, just within days in the shelter, he has already transformed from a sad, frightened, shivering dog to a happy, energetic one. There’s no longer any trace of trauma from getting abandoned in the cold winter.

PUPPY FOUND IN A BIN ENJOYS THE SNOWHere is our little soldier enjoying the snow today. It was quite chilly so we didn’t keep him out too long without a coat on. Quite a change from where he was on Friday.

Posted by Birmingham Dogs Home on Tuesday, February 27, 2018


The dog was even filmed having fun while playing and running in the wintry outdoors. The video’s caption says that while the dog enjoyed being out in the snow, they made sure not to keep him there that long. It was quite a chilly day. Unlike how he was a few days ago, this time, he’s got company and was obviously enjoying while out in the cold.

Indeed, when dogs are surrounded with love and care, they could be the happiest and most loving fur babies. This dog is now living a happy life that every dog deserves.

Credit: Birmingham Dogs Home


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