Often, people discourage would-be dog owners from adopting a full-grown dog. It can be indeed scary especially if you are not so sure a dog’s back story. However, read Nico’s story below should help you change your mind.

Rescued from the LA County Animal Shelter, Nico is a Dogo Argentino who would have met his end at the shelter since it was considered to be a high-kill shelter. However, for the pooch, it was where his life begins.

Nobody in the shelter knows about Nico’s history. However, they can see that the dog has scars all over his body – which strongly suggests that one time Nico had been a fighting dog before arriving at the shelter.

Dog fighting is considered an underground activity that is common in both rural and urban locations. It was a common form of entertainment in the United States since the 19th century, thankfully it has become gradually prohibited in all states over the years. It resulted in more and more dogs saved from the deadly game of life and death.

Both the police and the animal control task force all over the country are doing their best to combat the illegal activities involving dogfighting.

Nico’s life is about to change that fateful day. A woman named Nikki Audett took a picture of Nico in the shelter. The photo was so poignant that it changed the poor dog’s life. It also inspired so many others to continue saving these poor abused dogs.

Watch the beautiful video below of Nico in the shelter.

That’s Nico, all healthy and handsome. We are forever grateful to the people who tirelessly rescue dogs who are neglected, abused and abandoned.

By making a rescued dog as part of your family,  you are making a huge difference in an abused dog’s life. Visit a local shelter today.

Source riverraven via YouTube


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