Griffin the pup is ahead of the class! Talk about graduating with an honorary Master’s Degree from Clarkson University. The dog went up the stage and received his diploma together with his owner, Brittany Hawley.

Griffin is Britanny’s service dog. He was taken by Britanny while she was finishing her undergraduate studies. Since then, they were inseparable.

Britanny explained, “I have a chronic pain condition. This made me feel very depressed. I was even told I would not be able to walk across the stage unless I use my crutches. That made me feel so depressed.”

Britanny then started seeing a psychologist, who had a service dog. It gave her an idea and was inspired to get one for herself. Paws4people was later instrumental in finding her a service dog. This organization trains, raises, and places dogs to help people with disabilities, veterans, and those who need them.

It was a great day when Britanny was interviewed in Clarkson, she was also accepted to paws4people and was eventually notified that she would soon be meeting her dog.

After acquiring Griffin, the two were inseparable. The pair moved to New York together. They also went to school together, and even went back to North Carolina along.

Britanny added, “Griffin made going to school much easier. He helped me go through my anxiety with dealing with people and the thought of going out by myself. He opened many opportunities for me and made me more confident.”

Both Griffin and Britanny never missed class. So when it was time to read the harvest of their hard work, Britanny was so happy seeing Griffin got his diploma too. “When he took his diploma, it was like he was telling everyone that it is his moment, and indeed he owned it!” Britanny continued.

”Griffin never left me. He was always there for me since day one. He did everything that he could for me. Whatever I was going through, he stood by me. I owe everything to him. I wouldn’t be able to finish if not for him,” Britanny said who was all praises for Griffin.

In addition to their master’s degree diploma, another celebration was in line for the buddies, as Britanny got engaged to his boyfriend, whom she met through the organization that led her to get Griffin. With this, they are so excited to begin a new chapter in their journey together of course, with Griffin.

Story shared by InsideEdition and video from Youtube.


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