Everybody loves to be in the company of dogs due to their fun nature. Their innate cleverness allows dogs to learn whatever tricks and skills their fur parents teach them.

But, what makes our canine friends more loveable is their innate sweetness. Keeping this in mind, a Shih Tzu readily gives the sweetest kisses to its fourteen-month-old sister when asked to do so.

Kiss her, baby.

In this video, a toddler and a Shih Tzu stare eye-to-eye with each other. The pair carries on with their staring game until the little girl starts babbling.

As the little girl babbled something incomprehensible, the pooch only blankly stared at her in response. With this, another round of staring session ensued as both parties looked at each other in silence.

Seeing this funny scenario, Mom interjects and instructs the little girl to kiss the Shih Tzu. Mom even makes some kissing noises to emphasize to the child what she wants her to do.


As soon as Mom finished, the cute toddler followed suit and kissed the pooch directly on its lips. But, the little girl and Mom didn’t anticipate that the Shih Tzu would reciprocate the loving gesture.

The pair continued giving hearty kisses to each other for a good few rounds. Every time they finish smacking, the girl would happily babble her contentment to Mom. Mom then doles out generous praises for a job well done.

However, the pooch and the toddler eventually had had enough of the kisses they’ve given each other. As a result, their loving exchange soon came to a halt and once again lapsed into a staring session.

But, do you think the Shih Tzu continued ignoring her cute sibling’s request? Feel free to watch the video below to find out.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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