A very thoughtful son was on his way two pick up a puppy for his dad. This was a surprise for his father. He has been planning this for months and is very excited that the day has finally come.

The dog that they were about to pick up is a chocolate labrador. The breed and color of the dog were significant. The family used to have a chocolate labrador years ago. It was one of the most loyal dogs that they ever had, and the son wanted his dad to remember the happy times.

It was also important for the son to surprise his dad because his dad is his number one supporter. He has been a single dad for over twenty years, and he did an amazing job of raising his children.

When they finally picked up the laboratory puppy, the son and his friend could not wait to show her to his dad.

The son asked his dad to close his eyes before they revealed their surprise. When he finally opened his eyes, he was in disbelief.

He cannot believe that he has a new dog because he was planning to get one the week after. He even had a framed picture of labrador puppies hanging on his wall a week before.

It’s amazing how he has attracted the labrador into his life. He got very emotional with the gesture of his son. He’s very thankful that he gets another canine company because he loves dogs.

Getting a dog of the same breed and the same color as the previous one made it even more special. The father doesn’t know the name of the dog yet, but he is sure that he was going to find the perfect one.

It’s always heartwarming when a child with thanking their parents with surprises. Little gestures would always go a long way.

Source The Traphamily via YouTube


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