Going on a road trip is probably one of the best ways to explore a country. You get to travel at your own pace, get to meet a lot of people, and also get a chance to discover places where ordinary tourists don’t go to.

A man and his partner were on a six-year adventure by going on a road trip from Chile to Alaska. They wanted to explore the Americas from down south to the north. It’s truly an epic adventure, and they got to meet a lot of people.

However, it wasn’t until they met a stray dog that changed their lives forever. When they were driving through Peru, they met a South American Cocker Spaniel street dog. It was very friendly, and they figured that the puppy didn’t have a home.

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The couple decided to provide him with a forever home with them and take him on their adventure. It wasn’t long after they found out that it was the best decision they ever made.

Naming the dog Alaska, they continued going on adventures across the Americas. They get to enjoy every moment more thanks to Alaska, and they even get to meet more people because of their travel companion.

They even taught Alaska how to catch fish when they were in Belize. They would attach a fishing line on a plastic bottle. When a fish gets caught and the bottle moves, Alaska would go after the floating plastic bottle and bring it back with the fish.

However, they came across something unexpected. One morning, the couple observed that Alaska started to bleed from her nose. She didn’t feel good, and they had to take her to the vet. They soon found out that Alaska had Ehrlichia, which is a tick-borne disease.

Besides bleeding, Alaska soon started to experience paralysis and organ failure, which was caused by the disease. Thankfully, she fully recovered from the illness. However, Alaska needs to be on constant medication to keep her healthy and the symptoms from manifesting.

They were able to finish the trip, and Alaska made it all the way. They’re now planning another adventure going to Australia via Europe and Asia. Alaska is definitely one lucky dog to be adopted by the loving couple. Here’s a video of Alaska’s experience during the road trip.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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