Scarlett Rose Geiger is a young girl who has a soft spot in her heart for shelter dogs. Every Wednesday, after school, she visits the shelter to make dogs feel loved. She brings books and reads to every one of them. “I love seeing the doggies all chill, ready for me to read to them,” she said.

While the shelter dogs wait for their turn to get adopted, Scarlett keeps them company. She reads dogs’ stories to entertain and cheer them up. And some of her favorite stories to share with her furry friends are “Fiona,” “Lady and The Tramp,” “Dr. Seuss,” and “The Story of Jingles.”

Scarlett has two rescue dog siblings, a Pitbull and a Chihuahua, and they are the reasons why she wanted every shelter dog to find a loving family. They made her realize that all dogs deserve to be loved as they are.

Every time Scarlett visits the shelter, her mom Jennifer Geiger is with her. They take videos and photos of her reading to the dogs and share them to social media to highlight the dogs that are available for adoption. This is their way of giving them the attention and exposure that they badly and desperately need.

The more time Scarlett spends with the dogs, the better she gets to know each of them. But besides reading to them, the sweet little girl loves it most when the dogs are out of their cages. She plays with them and teaches them a few tricks.

“I wish you all get a great home. My heart hurts so bad for you to be behind the cage,” wrote Scarlett on a letter for her shelter friends. “All of you, dogs, fill up my heart with love. I hope Santa Paws gets you a good family who snuggles you, loves you, and gives you lots of care.”

Credits to Jennifer Geiger


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