When you save a life, that life may save a hundred more. Aladdin had an abusive past. Someone cruel has starved him, he had a lot of orthopedic problems, and he even lost twelve of his teeth.

He was not looking good in the shelter when Michele Schaffer came to see him. But the moment he saw her, he wagged his tail, and Michele knew this dog only needed a chance. So she gave it to him.

Despite his past, he loved people, especially children. With his connection to kids, that’s when she knew he would make a good therapy dog. And only within a year, Aladdin became a certified therapy dog.

This dog had helped so many people as he had comforted them when he needed them most. Like the man, he approached after the Orlando Pulse night club shooting. He reassured the man without knowing that, that man was present during the shooting itself.

Somehow, Aladdin would just know who to comfort in a crowd, and it’s incredible to watch. This dog may have done more than most human beings will ever do in their lifetime. Because of Aladdin’s contribution to the community, he won the therapy dog of the year by the American Human Association.

With the comfort and therapy that he has provided so many people, his best contribution yet might be his help in passing a law about animal cruelty. The person who was cruel to him was never caught, but that does not mean that other dogs should suffer the same fate.

Because of the law, he has helped thousands of dogs to be saved from such cruel human acts. If Michele Schaffer did not rescue him from the shelter that day, he might not have lived long. Because he was saved, he is not giving back and saving other lives.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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