When your souls connect, there is nothing that can break them like the connection between Buddy and Reagan. Buddy was fostered by a Sandi and was only to remain for a short period.

Sandi has been fostering a couple of kids before, and when they leave to be adopted, it was difficult for her to see them go. But she knew from the start that, that was her role, and that was what’s going to happen.

When Buddy was brought to their family to be fostered, he was only eleven-month-old. When Buddy arrived, there was an instant connection with Reagan, the dog. They are so close that even at a young age, the two would cuddle with each other as they sleep.

Sandi is a photographer, and it has been such a joy for her to take the photos of this duo. As time passed, what was to be a short-term stay for Buddy became a stay for forever. Sandi and the family could not imagine life without Buddy.

They knew he belonged to them like Buddy can’t be without Reagan. The two are best friends, and it will be heartbreaking to tear them apart. Buddy and Reagan do almost everything together.

It’s rare to see Buddy without Reagan or Reagan without Buddy. Reagan and Buddy are practically attached to the hip. It’s such a beautiful friendship to witness that they have been Sandi’s favorite subject for her photography. This is her way of increasing awareness about foster care and how beautiful it is.

It does not only help the child to get a family and home, but it also helps the people that adopt them about love, kindness, and acceptance. There is nothing better to learn in this world than those. There is so much love to give, why not give it to the children?


Source The Dodo via YouTube


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