What would you do to meet a real-life dog musician? There are a lot of talented dogs out there. Some of them can even sing and dance. It’s not a new thing. Dogs can be musically inclined.

However, there is a major difference between being an animal musician and just looking like one. This dog’s owner had a bright idea for dress up. The dog was given an appealing costume to wear. The outfit made the pup look like its playing the guitar.

The costume was made with little stuffed arms and a guitar. This gives the wonderful illusion that the dog has a pair of guitar-playing arms. In the video we see the dog walking down the hall while the owner records the cute scene.

The dog bumps into a wall and goes into a mild hopping spree. It looks like the dog was going for some intense strumming moves. Perhaps this pup doesn’t know what’s going on and what the owner is seeing. Maybe it’s thinking, “Why is my owner videotaping me?”

We are sure that the dog is not under some sort of stress. It seems to be calm and enjoying playing the part. It’s really hard to take our eyes off the costume. In combination with the cute dog, the whole thing just screams for attention.

Soon we see a cat enter the scene. Maybe it’s a vocalist? Is it the drummer? Does the owner have another set of instruments for this other pet? I guess we will never know.

The owner bursts into laughter as the cat enters the scene. She even asks it if it’s going to sing. The cat does not seem to care at all and proceed with its day. It couldn’t be bothered.

Video courtesy of Rumble Viral via YouTube


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